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Adformatie: “What we can learn from politics”

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VEA welcomes Skipintro (Association of Communication Consultancies)

During their recent meeting the VEA-management decided that Skipintro should become member of the association.

Skipintro is based in Amsterdam since 2001 and an internet agency by origin. Since 2005 Skipintro is an advertising agency who do entire campaigns as well as autonomous projects.

The agency likes ‘difficult clients’; this can be trade but also music, media, entertainment and other, less familiar sectors.

Why this agency name? A lot of time is lost by ruminating the known and the agency likes to get to the point quickly so we can solve the real problems.

The agency is run by Hans van Dijk (Creative Director), Ruby Lemm (General Director) and Yacco Vijn (Creative Director)

Important clients of the agency are among others the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, Randstad Holding, Waanders Publishing, NautaDutilh, Holland Casino, Nederlands Danstheater and “Atelier Rijksbouwmeester”.

Skipintro chooses the VEA membership “because VEA director Frans Blanchard says they have to, apart from which it’s chic!”

Skipintro nominated for “Week van de Buitenreclame” (Week of Outdoor Advertising)

During the last week of June outdoor advertising will be the centre of attention in the “Week van de Buitenreclame” (Week of Outdoor Advertising). The nominating jury chose a selection of the most fun, most original and most creative among 900 “Abribus” posters. In total 40 posters were nominated. All 40 nominated posters will be exhibited at the “Week van de Buitenreclame” on Sandberg square in Amstelveen (in front of the Cobramuseum).

A prize awarded by the public is connected to the “Week van de Buitenreclame”. From 1st June onward everyone can vote via or by sending an sms for what they think is the best poster of 2004. Everyone to place his or her vote during this election stands a chance of winning a completely seen to trip to Paris for two people.

In consideration with JCDecaux the winning advertiser is offered an “Abribus”-campaign of 1000 sections for free. Besides, the creative team receives the “Golden Advertising Column” for best outdoor advertising 2004.

From 1st June onward go to for further reading.

Skipintro nominated twice for SAN ACCENT

Skipintro’s “Open due to renovation” and “Rijks-exam” campaigns for the Rijksmuseum have both been nominated for a SAN accent in the category of Non-Profit/Authority.

SAN (a Dutch Advertising Jury Foundation was founded in 1989, aiming at using the knowledge and experience of advertisers as a structural contribution to the trade of communication. The total jury consists of 2000 members. The prize distribution is 11th May.

Skipintro wins the “Telegraaf” competition

rijksmuseum_telegraaf_popupWe’ve always been Sunday’s children but now completely so. With an advertisement for the Rijksmuseum, Skipintro won the competition that the “Telegraaf” newspaper had written up for the Sunday edition. We’re allowed to go to London now for a weekend; that’s always fun, but even more fun: the client gets a 1/1 full colour page worth € 70.000 for free.

“Telegraaf”s assignment was: “take one of your clients and come up with the best Sunday link ever”. So Skipintro got to spend an afternoon at the museum - always fun - where in room 11 they were suddenly bothered by an idea. Here hangs the equally beautiful as entertaining painting by Nicolaus Knüpfer. Have a look at it here online and you’ll instantly understand what made us come up with that winning idea. What you won’t see but should know is that Mont Blanc made the lithograph within no time. Take a look at the advert (pdf).